The following list of cast and crew is, as yet, incomplete:

Paul Danger McLean

Voice of The Narrator, Chin Long, Li Yang, Terrios and Kai Long

Paul is an actor, singer and songwriter as well as a voice artist. He owes Sampledancer Studios where most of our group sessions are recorded. He is also a qualified sound engineer and helps Caetlyn with the editing process when necessary.

Paul is the official musician for Crafty Lion Productions and is the composer of most of our podcasts' theme songs.

Caetlyn McLean

Writer/producer/sound design
Voice of Su Lin 

Caetlyn has been writing creatively since 1990 and has spent the last decade specialising in screenplays and audio plays. In 2008, she graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Media Arts. Her love for sound blossomed in 2008 when she began working as sound editor for several short films. There, she specialised in sound design and has since created several audio projects from scratch.

Caetlyn is known in some circles as a Chinese Fire Witch and has a broad knowledge of Chinese mythology and witchcraft.

Annette McLean

Voice of Cora Nyland

Annette started her theatrical experience at the age of 13 by participating not only in school plays, but also quite a few pantomimes as well. She then ventured into the musical realm where she learned to sing, play keyboards and bass. She joined a theatrical (musical) band and have had many years on stage performing. She has been involved in film ~ both in front of the camera and also taking the roll of make-up artist/prop maker.

Like Caetlyn, Annette is known in the the same circles as a Green Witch and has a wide knowledge of herbalism, plants and mother nature in general.

Rachel Blundey

Voice of Yin

Bio to come

Damian Rieck

Voice of Messenger and Spirit

Damian has been a long time contributor of Crafty Lion Productions. In fact, he is one of the original actors from our earlier productions over a decade ago. Since then, he has concentrated on film and theatre but has returned to audio to help us bring our projects to life.